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About Us

To create effortless comfort with precision for the everyday people that wants to stand out.

We Believe That

Product Comfort and Quality > Cluttered and Fanciful Design

Who We Are For

The people who prioritizes utility, effortless comfort, and product quality longevity that fits their body type perfectly.People who are confident in themselves, and want simple clothing to stand out in a hectic everyday life environment.

The Carpenter’s Son Vision

We believe that the quality and longevity of your apparels matter. Especially if it is a clothing piece you wear daily.That’s why, when designing our apparels, we look to source the best quality we can find. To make it affordable and no waste, we make it direct to consumer, eliminating the middle man in between.Why get 5 T-Shirts that costs cheaper, but gets ruined fast, when you can get 3 Shirts, that last you a longer time, while making sure you look and feel good through the entire day?

A Brand You Can Trust

At Carpenters Son, we want to walk the talk. That’s why if you do not like any of our apparels, we have a 100 Day return & exchange program.


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